Twitch - Commands

I use Phantombot for my bot and commands in Twitch and Discord chat.

A list of core bot commands can be found here (not all commands may be enabled):
Twitch Commands
Discord Commands

Below is a list of custom commands for twitch:


Command Description Cost
!discordCome and Chat in discord at
!downtime(offlineonly) The stream as been offline for (downtime).
!game(pointtouser) (gameinfo)
!gamesplayedGames played this stream: (gamesplayed)
!helpCheck the custom commands at
!playtime(pointtouser) (channelname) has been playing (game) for (playtime)
!scheduleYou can see my up to date schedule at
!socialYou can follow me on Twitter and Instagram
!title(pointtouser) (titleinfo)
!twitchprimeSubscriber with Twitch Prime? Make sure to manually re-sub if you'd like to continue supporting LZ!
!upnextNext Stream: (customapi
!uptime(pointtouser) (channelname) has been online for (uptime)

Beat Saber Commands:

Command Description Cost
!beatsaber Want to send a request? Head over to or select the song, click the Twitch icon and then post this into chat.
!ws360 !wadmin wobble 36010
!ws666 !wadmin wobble 66620
!wsboat !wadmin wobble boat10
!wsdrunk !wadmin wobble drunk25
!wsglitch !wadmin wobble glitch10
!wskoi !wadmin wobble koi_pond20
!wsseas !wadmin wobble rough_seas20
!wstier1 !wadmin wobble tier15
!wstier2 !wadmin wobble tier230
!wstier3 !wadmin wobble tier350
!wsupdown !wadmin wobble up_down250
!wszoom !wadmin wobble zoom15
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